USHRS is a non-profit medical association and a leading body for the treatment and restoration of hair loss. USHRS is dedicated to achieving excellence in patient outcomes by advancing the highest standards of medical practice, medical ethics, and research in the field of hair restoration.
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The NGO "Ukrainian Association of Surgical Hair Restoration" was founded by a hair transplant specialist with international diplomas - doctor Myroslava Novosilska. In its activities the Association is guided by current legislation of Ukraine, including the Constitution of Ukraine "On Public Associations" activity is to promote scientific and practical solutions to modern health problems in the field of hair transplantation, as well as protection of the rights and interests of members of the Association. Mission of the Ukrainian Association of Surgical Hair Restoration - to achieve excellence in medical and surgical results collegiality, research, ethics and public awareness.The vision is to establish the USHRS as a leading impartial body in the treatment and surgical restoration of hair.OUR OBJECTIVEImproving the quality of life of people with hair loss.If you are looking for three For a hair restoration surgeon or surgeon, contact USHRS. If you have any questions, call
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A member of the USHRS receives advantageous offers: discounts for attending conferences, online conferences, workshops in Ukraine and abroad, partners or organizers of which are the USHRS. Also discounts for accommodation during conferences.

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Together with USHRS you can improve your skills with domestic and foreign specialists-practitioners. * For more information, please contact our contacts
Trichopigmentation is an effective way to hide thinning hair, alopecia, mask scars, scars on the scalp -pigment with a special device, micro-dots are injected into the upper layer of skin, repeating the individual hair follicle -possibility to correct or change the hairline in order to make the hairstyle more suitable -opportunity to improve hair transplant results. Training lasts 3 days: 1 day - the theoretical part Day 2 - practical part (working on a mannequin) Day 3 - practical part (practice of practical skills on the model) At the end of the course a certificate is issued.
The program of the training course on hair transplantation is only for doctors with medical education, the duration of 60 calendar days is completely focused on hand staging, theory and practical skills. We provide the best cadets with a place of work.
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